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Identity Verification

Identity fraud in India accounted for 77 percent of the fraud cases in the year 2015. A marked increase in the number of identity theft or fictitious identity cases continues to be a major threat to the Indian market.

Companies are growing to realize that if they are not checking and verifying a person’s identity first, then they might be checking the ID documents of a fake person.

Identity verification is designed to ensure that identity related documents like Aadhaar, PAN, driving license or passport are not forged, doctored or stolen. It is a simple, effective and automated method to verify alteration and falsification of personal details of an individual.

It is extremely critical to identify an imposter before they enter the system and cause untold harm to the organization. The primary risk lies in screening a wrong person.

Important is to realize that employers must hire individuals are who they claim to be.

Listed below are the types of checks under ID verification:

 1. Aadhaar Verification

The candidate’s details on the Aadhaar card are checked against UIDAI database.

2. Passport Verification 

A simple and automated method to verify alteration and falsification of personal details on the passport.

3. PAN Verification

It verifies the genuineness of the details provided on the PAN card.

4. Voter ID Verification

Details provided on the Voter’s card checked against the details mentioned in Election Commission of India.

Instant Identity verification is prompt and economical to use. As a first level check, it enhances overall background check results.



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