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Vendor due diligence

helps you partner with the right vendors.

Due diligence

becomes necessary as vendors associate with your brand; hence you need to be sure that they follow ethical practices.

Vendors are screened for compliance to various global regulations on

Anti-Money laundering

like the US FCPA, UK Bribery Act and Indian Prevention of Money Laundering Act etc.

We validate the Vendor for ethical practices, legal compliance, valid resources, capabilities and expertise, genuine documentation, credit worthiness and screen them for political affiliations and against various sanctions and embargoes as applicable for the geography.

Corporate Due Diligence

is your safeguard against the common frauds like Product diversion, Corruption, Siphoning of stock, Employee thefts, Threat and Intimidation, Child labour, Misrepresentation etc.

Partnering with


, an independent and experienced organization, ensures the reporting is neutral and unbiased. Our execution team is abreast with the latest developments and practices in the world of fraud and its prevention. Domain experts on our panel ensure the

business partner due diligence

exercise conducted is more robust, is confidential and is constantly being improved with inputs of industry best practices.


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