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In today’s business environment risk does not end with one due-diligence exercise at the time of the investment event. AuthBridge therefore offers to pro-actively keep a watch on our client’s investments in order to be able to identify any inconspicuous changes in the risk parameters.

AuthAssureTM is a unique due diligence service designed to ensure that your investments stay screened through their entire life. All parameters investigated during the initial due diligence are kept on a watch to track any anomalies or red flags through the course of the association. This service offering is your watchdog to keep your investment untarnished and compliant and to ensure no skeletons tumble out at an advanced stage of association when the impact of the tarnish would be murkier than if it is reported well in time for quick action.

AuthAssureTM is an assurance solution to keep you posted that the investment made is still relevant and compliant.


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