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Risk Assessment Services
Risks associated with organisations go beyond the

Employee Screening Solutions

.Other risks relate to the various associations, affiliations and partnerships that organisations undertake in successful implementation of their businesses. These risks can be about financial dealings, political leanings or regulatory and statutory compliances. AuthBridge, under this vertical, offers services where your probable investment opportunity is verified and validated as a safe and compliant entity and that the safety and compliance is not compromised post investment. Vendors, Franchisees, Distributors, Retailers, C&F Agents, Transporters, and Consultants you have business dealings with are reliable and compliant entities to their own statutory and to international legal requirements wherever applicable.

Risks associated with the source of finances, the reputation of the individual or team behind the entity, any links with a banned entity or individual on the basis of economic, political or terrorist sanctions are what the organisations need to safeguard against.



“Would like to thank AuthBridge for doing such a fantastic job in such a short time.” 
A leading multinational providing Business services and Technology solutions
“Really appreciate your regular and prompt reverts. You have been providing the reports and the status of the cases on real time basis. The follow up for the additional information is remarkable and the conversion on the details reverted is tremendous. It really makes us feel confident and comfortable to see someone having such passion to deliver the output.”
A leading multinational Insurance company
“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the AuthBridge team for all the efforts & hardwork that was put in to complete the BGC’s for 43 cases in last 48 hours. The team has been able to complete these checks way before the deadline given.”
A leading financial company

“AuthBridge is doing a great job identifying discrepancies. In the past few months of our association, the team has helped identify those who have submitted fake work, experience(s), false education qualification claims and most importantly helped bring to light some unethical practices that were clandestinely being carried out by one of the vendors.”
India’s one of the top BPO provider

“Thank you so much. You make our lives easier!!”
A leading BPO
“I would like to personally thank you and each of your team member for the successful completion of the global check.”
A leading multinational
“Appreciate your effort. This has been really a significant TAT of delivering! Keep the good works going and looking ahead for the same TAT as well!”
A Fortune 500 company
“ Keep it up , really appreciate all your help & proactiveness. Special thanks to the entire AuthBridge team !”
A leading life insurance company

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