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What do you check in Education?

Authenticity of: a)Degree b) Issuing institution

How do you ensure that the education check report is authentic?

It is through written confirmation on either the university letter head or duly stamped by the university.

What is the TAT to deliver report?

As per the standard process, AuthBridge does not carry out verifications is for universities declared fake by Education Regulatory Authorities like UGC, AICTE, etc.

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Can overseas education be verified too?

Yes. We have a capability to deliver education verification in over 140 countries.

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Can you verify the duration of the course?

No, only the year of passing of the course can be verified.

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Do you use API Integration?

Yes, we can create customized APIs for system integration.

Can you do automated, instantaneous background verification?

Some of our ID checks like Aadhaar, PAN check are fully automated.

Can you do KYC verification?

Yes, based on client requirements, we do KYCs for financial, telecom companies.

What are the advantages of Background Screening?

Benefits of background screening are primarily twofold.
  • Mitigates Risks of Bad Hiring
    Making hiring decisions purely on the basis of the information provided by job candidates can prove catastrophic for an organisation. Hiring a resource with low or suspect credibility impacts the organization ethos, weakens the fabric and may impact productivity if capability is suspect. Repeat offenders may vitiate the environment and impact the organization with offences ranging from sexual harassment to data theft to financial impropriety. This in turn increases hiring costs.
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Should Background Screening Be Outsourced?

When conducted in-house, effective background check requires a good involvement of time, costs and manpower, and above all, expertise. Whilst at it, an organisation can face a number of hurdles. For instance, a company may not have a dependable network or logistics necessary for verifying credentials of employees coming from different parts of country. Scenarios like these make outsourcing of employee screening process the most feasible idea. Roping in background screening companies brings in:
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Different Checks Within Background Screening

Background screening enables organisations to hire individuals with authentic past and present antecedents and clean records. Screening services include a bouquet of checks where each is aimed at verifying a particular aspect of an individual's background. Below is a list of few checks.

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What objectives are met for employers through employee screening?

As per an analysis conducted by AuthBridge, 18 out of every 100 job applicants in India ‘fluff’ their resumes. Applicants indulge in resume fluffing to bag the desired job profile and pay package. While this may be the ideal shortcut for job aspirants but for the employers resume frauds is an issue which needs immediate attention.

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