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A Check Up

Candidate Aaron J applied for the post of a receptionist in a prestigious hospital chain. The hospital chain has a national presence and is one of AuthBridge’s valued clients.

Among other documents he provided a letter of experience from a charitable hospital in rural Maharashtra. The AuthBridge contract, with the client, required that we verify and authenticate the experience and references.

Diagnostic Procedure

The applicant’s experience letter from his previous employer, the rural hospital, stated that he was employed as a Front Desk Administrator. It also stated that he was employed during the period 1 April, 2006 to 12 November, 2008.

AuthBridge’s first move was to contact the HR Department of the hospital. The department executive could find no record of a Mr. Aaron, nor could anyone in the office recall such a person or name. The executive did however, explain that the hospital was an old one and records were still maintained the old-fashioned way. They were in the process of modernizing the record system and transferring everything on to computers. In this situation of flux, it was possible that Mr. Aaron’s records were temporarily misplaced.

We then proceeded to contact the Front Desk department head. After speaking to several people three interesting facts came to light. The first, a reiteration of earlier investigations, was that there never was a Mr. Aaron J. working in the reception area. The second point was that the department was known as ‘Reception’ and not Front Desk. The third fact that we found out was that there was a Mr. David J. working in the reception. He was a long-serving employee and was still working in the hospital.

A Family Set Up

At this point the AuthBridge researchers, involved in the case, realized that there was more to the case than met the eye. It was decided to contact the Chief Administrator (CA) of the hospital. After a brief phone call, the researchers sent the Administrator a standard enquiry form for him to complete.

The Chief Administrator’s responses to the question were colourful and quite interesting. The gists of the replies however were of more significance to AuthBridge. The CA stated that no Mr. Aaron J had ever worked in the hospital; that Mr. Aaron J. was, in fact, the son of Mr. David J., who was working in the Reception department of the hospital. The Administrator’s own investigation revealed that Mr. David J. had misused the hospital’s letter head to make out a reference letter for his son. The letter was meant to be presented to our client.

File Closed

The client was given a detailed report of our findings. We declared the case ‘Discrepant.’

Mr. Aaron J’s application was rejected. His details remain on our database.

It is one more instance of why companies should retain professional background screening companies to carry out employment checks. The background screening companies have the experience and the understanding to handle sensitive and complicated cases; the expertise to see and go beyond the surface.


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