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The fastest growing large economy in the world India is a bright spot in the world economy. With a favourable demographic and a burgeoning consumption economy India is the land of opportunities. AuthBridge understands the need to establish trust in this digital world, we have proactively worked towards building infrastructure that helps your business mitigate risk and enhance its credibility.

We have a robust set of solutions and platforms to verify individuals and entities at the click of a button.

Our Solutions

Growing instances of identity fraud and theft necessitate establishment of identity in a quick and reliable manner. Our daily work environment requires identity verification of employees, partners and vendors at multiple touch points.

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Our Employee background screening services provide a comprehensive scan on the credentials of the candidate bringing transparency around claims made.

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Our Platforms

WorkAttest is a robust, analytics driven data solution that helps employers respond to verification requests for ex-employees.

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SSB is a robust student database powered by sophisticated algorithms, powerful analytics and latest technology that caters to education verification requests.

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Key Background Checks

In-depth employment screening can protect your organization from the impact of a bad hire. Our Employment Check includes complete verification of the candidate’s previous employment credentials.

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Verify the place of residence and the period of stay for your candidates. You can also verify permanent address for cases of emergency.

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