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The world of commerce is changing at a pace that makes previous business revolutions seem glacial by comparison. Political borders and geographical boundaries are melting away.

The search and competition for resources, whether it is material, financial or human, is no longer restricted to one’s backyard. While more and more doors of opportunity seem to be opening up for businesses, there is a strong need to keep costs down, processes tight and efficient and operating structures lean. This is dictated by the global recession, shrinking markets and the slowdown of the worldwide economy. Everybody is feeling the pinch.

Competition is healthy on many levels. However, the pressures of the market place are also the driving force of so much else that is not quite so healthy. Employee fraud, data and intellectual property theft, dubious business partners of unknown provenance are risks that are rapidly gaining in volume and value. The conditions are driving many individuals to acts that will provide them that extra lift over their rivals. Nowhere is that more apparent than in corporate India and especially so in the employment sector.

The tight market is pushing job seekers into “fluffing” resumes, lying about past experience and accomplishments. In over 50 percent of the cases resumes do not accurately reflect reality. Criminal activity and workplace misconduct and even violence are showing disturbingly sharp increases. All this, of course, is nothing new but rather the signs of a trend that have been some time in the making.

Business India has been a trifle slow in awakening to the threats from their greatest assets – employees. That is now quickly changing. Background screening, due diligence and internal checks and controls are rapidly becoming entrenched as standard and regular practices in many industry sectors and individual companies. And not a moment too soon.

With over 350 clients across a broad spectrum of businesses, AuthBridge can rightly claim to have played a large part in this arousal. For the better part of a decade we have been helping to ensure our clients are safe from the depredations of dishonest employees.

We are constantly upgrading our technology. Our processes, whether they are client focused or internally directed are constantly being refined to deliver the best results – and quickly too. We have built up a strong and influential network, both within and outside the country that delivers timely and valuable results. It is our efforts in constantly improving and the dedication to excellence that has kept us on top of the game. In fact it is the reason for continuing success.

Our client commitment does not stop at just conducting background verification and authenticity checks on their prospective employees. That, of course, is our main focus. What goes quite unnoticed but is absolutely crucial for us is - client confidentiality. For AuthBridge it is more than just a mantra, it is the very foundation of our business.

All of this would, however, be nothing if we did not try to stay abreast, at least, of emerging trends, methods and techniques. We, as an organization are mentored by highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals including ex-law enforcement officials. We posses and have access to large global and domestic databases of individuals and organizations. We share our knowledge, with clients, through regular updates.

The really satisfying thing is that all our hard work is paying off. People and companies trust us and keep coming back. And if that isn’t praise enough more than a third of our business is the result of client references. There can be no more telling endorsement of what we do, how we do it and what we stand for.

We have done much in the background screening industry but AuthBridge realizes that the woods are still dark and deep. As the saying goes, “bad guys don’t sleep” and for clients and us, there are still many miles to go.


Board of Advisors

img-ceo_thumbRajan Kalia Co-Founder, Salto Dee Fe Rajan Kalia (Former Director HR, Max New York Life Insuarnce) is an expert consultant in the areas of Organisation Transformation.



Arunav Banerjee, President & Chief Researcher SOIL Innovation BoardArunav Banerjee is currently the Director-Executive Education at SOIL.



Mr. O P Chhatwal has the distinction of being seasoned professional deep-domain know-how in matters relating to fraud.



Niraj Kumar is a Partner in the New Delhi Office, with nine years of standing at the bar.



Samir Kapur has more than 13 years of experience in corporate communications and strategic planning.



Subinder Khurana (Ex-VP, Cognizant & President, Millennium City Society) is an IIT Delhi graduate with over 20 years of professional experience in building organizations and entrepreneurship.


Certificates & Recognition

We expect all at AuthBridge to:

  • Treat customer first and focus on customer satisfaction
  • Honour all commitments
  • Deal with people with dignity, fairness and respect

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